Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Exalogic Networking Part 1

This is the first blog entry in a series I will be writing on Exalogic Networking. The entries will start with the low level basics and work their way up to architectural strategies for the partitioning and configuration an Exalogic Rack.

This first entry will look at the low level creation and configuration of vNICs, vIPs, vLANs, BONDs and how we can leverage scripting and the dcli command to configure all Exalogic Compute Nodes at the same time. At this point in time the scripts with documented within this page are designed from Oracle Enterprise Linux but can be tweaked slightly for a Solaris Exalogic installation. In addition we will focus on the external facing 10Gb network because the the 1Gb is management only and should be on a private network whilst the internal InfiniBand network will not be directly accessible to the outside world.