Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Implementing XML Object Model based on XAM/XDM


As part of the the migration process for the NetBeans Coherence Module I have decided to migrate my Java/XML implementation from JAXB to a XAM/XDM based model because it will be a more appropriate fit for the advanced XML editor functionality and will remove some of the synchronisation issues seen in my initial release of the NetBeans Coherence Plug-in . As part of this development process I decided that it would be good to put together a simple tutorial that will allow others to repeat the process and cement the development strategy within my own mind.

At present their is currently no automated method of generating XAM/XDM Java Interfaces / Implementation classes similar to that provided by JAXB (maybe a future project if I get time) so I will be documenting my approach to the development process. The NetBeans Coherence module provides editors for the three core Coherence XML files "POF Config", Cache Config" and "Coherence Operational" and for this tutorial I will be working with the pof-config XML file. With Coherence 3.7 the Coherence team has provided XSD definitions of the XML files and hence I will be working with these as the source for my implementation.

A future Blog entry will explain how I link the XAM/XDM Model describe here to the existing Advanced POF Editors within the Coherence Netbeans Module.